Coating Max dual sided applicator block

Professional Applicator Block by Coating Max

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Premium quality pad for professional.

Professional class material for durability which gives quick and precision application

Double-sided applicator foam means you can use one side for ceramic coating application  and the other side for glass coating

Size : 3cm x 4cm x 8cm

Price for one foam block.   The applicator suede sold separately

Coating Max Dual side black applicator

Melbourne Professional and premium Ceramic Coating

Quality Guaranteed

-    Product Automotive Specified Products
-    Shows fantastic hydrophobicity on all automotive surfaces
-    9H & 10H certified by SGS-    Moisture reactive coatings for quick initial cure
-    Great gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance.
-    Amazing durability
-    Great usability

Certified 9H and 10H

9H&10H Tested and Certified

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