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About Us

Coating Farm Ceramics has been developing & producing Ceramic coatings for Automotive use for 27 Years at our facilities in South Korea, where ceramic coatings were first developed. In that time, our research laboratory has refined & honed our coatings to perfection. Unique, patented, fast drying ceramic coating technologies with ultra high gloss shine and up to 10H Scratch Resistance on the Pencil hardness scale.

Currently we produce 25,000 bottles per month, which are shipped worldwide to Detailers, Car care businesses and home enthusiasts. We never re-bottle or white label products for any other brand.

Our philosophy is simple; easy to use, fast drying, durable and high gloss ceramic coatings for professional and home enthusiast use.

Currently we are the only brand that produces air-brush applied Motorcycle specific ceramic coatings. They are anti-corrosion, up to 10H Scratch Resistant on the pencil hardness scale, heat resistant to 750°C and air-brush applied to all areas of the Bike include the engine, exhaust, suspension and wheels. So not just the paintwork, but complete protection.


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