10H Certified Alpha Coat Hybrid

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Alpha Coat Hybrid The Alpha Coat series is one of the first coatings to be certified for 10H hardness by SGS.

It shows incomparable quality amongst not only single layers, but multiple layers as well. It has incredible chemical resistance, anti-pollution, gloss, sleekness, and water-repellency.

The Alpha Coat Hybrid derived from Aqua Coat Hybrid and has long-lasting anti-pollution and scratch resistance.

Melbourne Professional and premium Ceramic Coating

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-    Product Automotive Specified Products
-    Shows fantastic hydrophobicity on all automotive surfaces
-    9H & 10H certified by SGS-    Moisture reactive coatings for quick initial cure
-    Great gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance.
-    Amazing durability
-    Great usability

Certified 9H and 10H

9H&10H Tested and Certified

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