Ceramic Coating Protection Packages

Looking to keep your brand new car as shiny as possible for many years to come, with minimal effort and hassle-free maintenance?

That's where our professional ceramic coating protection packages come in, to leave you with a peace of mind - and that's our (lifetime) guarantee!

Ceramic Coating from $980*

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Perfect for NEW CAR basic protection.

Perfect for NEW CAR with large panoramic roof and leather interior. Perfect for exotic NEW CAR with leather interior and seats
Base Package includes... Everything in Gold & ... Everything in Platinum & ...
  • Professional cleanse and decontamination
  • Professional Machine Gloss enhancement 
  • Sealed with our 9H certified ceramic coating
  • Hydrophobic coating protection on windscreen and mirrors.
  • Interior Doors panels, middle console and Dashboard 10H coating 
  • 10H Ceramic coating for headlight and tail lights.
  • Hydrophobic coating protection on wheel spokes and outer barrel.
  • Interior Leather cleaning and coating
  • Free first Ceramic enhancement (valid for 9 months) 
  • Free professional maintenance package

Other add-on services

  • ►Gloss Enhancement : From $350*
  • ►Two Stage Correction : From $450*
  • ►Window Tinting (Ceramic Tint):  From $350*
  • ►Headlight polish and protection: $150
  • ►Leather seat protection : From $150

*Pricing are based on the small car 

Every Car Studios Ceramic Coating Package includes

  1. Luxury hand car wash with PH neutral snow foam, designed to remove bugs, dirt and grit without adding any smears and swirls marks to the paintwork.
  2. Decontamination process to professionally remove all contaminants before carrying out any paintwork correction or polishing. These treatments will restore the paintwork to a smooth, clean finish, ready to take any correction.
  3. Higher detail inspection of the car's paintwork under unique and high power LED's light to correct paint defects and swirls invisible to the naked eye.
  4. Professional polishing and gloss enhancement, This process will enhance the finishing of your paint work to more gloss, sleek and shine
  5. Sealing the car's surface with our certified 9H (10H for Platinum/Palladium) aqua coat ceramic coating and protection. These ceramic layers provide outstanding durability with a super glossy finish, protecting your car from damaging UV rays, environmental pollution and chemicals.

Once this is done, you would rarely require a weekly washing/maintenance routine anymore.