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The reality of Automotive Coatings

Global ceramic coating for the automotive market has been rapidly growing over the past years. However, many ceramic coating manufactures claim to manufacture automotive ceramic coatings, but in reality, all they are doing is simply mixing solvents with industrial coatings.


Industrial Coatings and Automotive Coatings are totally different

Cars and buildings have completely different properties. Vehicles are exposed to a variety of environments that are constantly changing, and a variety of different materials are used. In addition, unlike buildings that are cleaned once or twice a year, cars are washed more than 20 times a year and must endure powerful chemicals.


Automotive Specified Coatings

CNS TECH knows that there is a limit in quality when products are made from industrial coating bases, thus we focus on researching and creating automotive specified coatings from scratch.

What are Automotive Specified Coatings?

Problems Due to False Marketing

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