Did you know that there was a total of 84 road deaths during the month of April 2021? 

That statistic alone was only for the month of April. Imagine!

This is why driving safely is very important. Now, there are many factors that come up when driving is said. One of those factors is the cleanliness of your car windows, especially the windshields. 

Clean car window glass is very important, it gives good visibility while driving. Whether it is day or night, it is vital to see what is on the road. This is especially true when it is raining, snowing, and other natural conditions.

Moreover, there are also other reasons as to why car windows get dirty. When cars are on the road traveling, there is dust everywhere. 

They are accumulated by the car windows and they even get in sometimes. Furthermore, if the driver is a smoker, that would greatly add to the fogginess and dirt on and in the car. 

However, that is not the only reason why windshields get dirty. There is this thing called streaking. It is when the off-gassing that occurs within the vehicle causes the oily film on the interior side of the windshield.

Also, it increases the glare at night. Sadly, not many drivers know this, as a result, people cannot remove the “hazy” look of their cars’ windshields. 

How To Clean Car Windshields 

In cleaning a car’s glass windows, one should start with the outer surface of the windshield. This is to see clearly what is blocking the view of it if there are any. 

After carefully washing it the way one usually washes a car, it should be followed by a glass cleaner. One of the best glass cleaner products out in the market is Alpha Glass Rain Repellant. 

car glass cleaner

It is easy to apply. A microfiber towel and just this product will make the dirt and other contaminants go away. 

Also, it has been independently tested to help increase visibility whilst driving. This improves reaction times and stopping distances by 1 second in heavy rain situations.

More importantly, this product can last up to 12 months. The protection it gives to car windows is unmatchable. No need to apply wax to clean the windows with alcohol for extra cleanliness. 

An important thing to note is the wiper blades. This is where some of the dirt builds up, it is vital to clean it when cleaning the car windows. 

Lastly, the interior side of the car glass windows needs to be cleaned too. Wipe it with a microfiber cloth with a bit of Alpha Glass Rain repellent. 

This is to make sure that everything will be clean and clear. Doing it in circular motion is better. 

To get a better view and knowledge of it, try watching this video

Now, if you want professionally cleaned car windows, you can contact us anytime! We are here to make you happy and your car shiny!