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How To Make Your Car Shine Like Brand New

Who doesn’t like a newly polished shiny car? Every car owner and enthusiast would love to maintain the shininess of their vehicle. And it is achievable through ceramic maintenance spray.

But how would someone do it?

First, it is important to know that cars are shiny because of the paint protection, ceramic coating, or wax applied to them. Now, the paint applied to a car is very sensitive. Harsh conditions can ruin it. 

That is why there is a clear coat above the paint layer. Also, that is why it is important to take care of that clear coat. And cleaning is one way of doing it. 

5 Easy Steps To Clean Your Car

There are a handful of people who don’t care about the outer appearance of their car and uses strong detergents or chemicals to clean their vehicle. And it is important to note that it could damage the paint of the car. 

  • Shampoo it. 
  • The first step in cleaning a car is to shampoo it. Though it is important to get rid of the dirt, mud, and other pollutants on your car, using the right shampoo is just as important to not damage your car’s paint. 

    It is also important to know that the sponge or cloth that is used to clean is vital. A hard or too soft sponge could potentially damage the paint and create swirls. 

  • Rinse It.
  • After shampooing and foaming it, it needs to be washed with water. Using clean water to wash away dirt and other contaminants.

  • Dry It.
  • After rinsing with water, it is good to dry the vehicle with microfiber cloths. Non-contact drying using an electric dryer or blower is recommended. This can prevent swirls coming from cloth that is too dry. 

    If the car has been ceramic coated, it will make cleaning and drying much easier.


  •  Use Maintenance Spray 
  • Now, the important part, applying maintenance spray. It is highly recommended to strengthen the clear coat of a car. That is why another coating on your car is needed to achieve the end result. If the car has been ceramic coated, this will also act as a sacrificial layer to prolong the ceramic coating on the car. 

    Products like Ceramic Queen can lengthen the shimmer and sleekness of a car. It lasts more than nine months a time, unlike waxing products that only last up to seven days. 

    Moreover, there are many other products that are made from thorough research and are equipped with the thing a car needs. Car Studios have numerous DIY products perfect for it. 

  • Don’t Forget to Clean The Glass Too

  • After making your car exterior, specifically the one with paint, clean and glossy, it is good to make the glass clean too. 

    Not only for aesthetics but also for safety and the overall lasting power of the car. The glass needs to be maintained and well kept. 

    Coating Farm has an amazing product for glass cleaning and maintenance. It has everything a product can have and it guarantees a lasting effect. 

    If a car is well maintained and cleaned, it will definitely always look like it is brand new. It will not only boost your confidence, how other people will see it, but it will also save more money. 

    If you are too busy and looking to get a special treatment wash for your car, get it professionally cleaned. Contact us at Car Studios and we will do our best to make your car look brand new and brings to its former glory.