How To Care For Leather Car Seats

How To Care For Leather Car Seats

How do you maintain leather car seats?

How often should I condition my leather car seats?

What is the best treatment for leather car seats?

These are the questions that people frequently asked in relation to the leather seats of their cars. Leather car seats are another luxury that car owners and enthusiasts need to maintain. 

This natural material is beautiful but it could get ugly in a short amount of time if not taken care of. It could start fading and crack because of heat and UV rays. It also stains easily so one must be careful when they have it. 

Though it looks like leather seats are easy to clean, they need special care to keep their best original quality.

How To Clean Car Leather Seats

When going to a detailer or car care shop is not an option for someone, there are many products in the market that could help them maintain the beauty of their car leather seats. 

First thing’s first, vacuuming it twice a week is important. It is also important to use a soft head for the vacuum to not to damage the leather material. 

Now, for a more thorough cleaning, it needs to be done at least once a month. Microfiber cloths are needed for a better result. They are super absorbent and will remove all the small contaminants that could scratch a leather surface. 

Products like AlphaBright Interior Cleaner can help with removing dirt, stains, and other contaminants on the leather surface. Alphabright is an anti-static and harmless chemical so it is very safe to use. 

To clean, put a small amount of it on a microfiber cloth and softly apply it to the leather. Do not scrub hard and do a circular motion when cleaning. After some minutes, clean the product with another microfiber cloth

There are people that use leather conditioners for their seats. In applying that, the same steps should be followed. But with Alphabright, that is not needed. 

What Not To Do When Cleaning Leather Car Seats

There are many things that could damage leather. One would be applying cleaning products directly to the leather. It could create stains and those are very hard to remove. 

Another is wetting the cloth too much. Leather, when left wet is real bad. This is why only small amounts are needed. Moreover, it needs to dry entirely. Wiping every surface is important. 

It is also important to note that leathers need proper ventilation. UV rays and sunlight will harm it so it is better to park the vehicle in shade every time. 

Now, if you can afford to go to an auto detailing shop, we will happily clean your leather car seats for you! Don’t hesitate to contact us