Remove the paint imperfections, swirls and scratches

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What is Swirl Marks :

Swirl marks or minor and micro marring.

You wouldn't even notice them in most of the time, but under the direct sunlight or bright light, you will more likely to notice the spiral or spider web looking marks.

This happens when the bright light enters the clear coat, and the light reflects off the coloured layer under it. The reflected light travel in many directions and can, therefore highlighted the minor scratches or swirl marks.

This package, We will be using our professional trained skill and method to remove your vehicle swirl marks.

Recommended for those who want to increase the value or gloss of their classic/favourite car, car enthusiastic or for those think his/her the car needs attention before it is sold to a new owner?


      Package Included:

      • Carefully polish/remove swirl marks and minor scratches.
      • TIME: at least 4-5 hours

      Melbourne Professional and premium Ceramic Coating

      Quality Guaranteed

      -    Product Automotive Specified Products
      -    Shows fantastic hydrophobicity on all automotive surfaces
      -    9H & 10H certified by SGS-    Moisture reactive coatings for quick initial cure
      -    Great gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance.
      -    Amazing durability
      -    Great usability

      Certified 9H and 10H

      9H&10H Tested and Certified

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