Alpha Guard Graphene

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  • 9 H hard Graphene coating.
  • Up to 10 months durability.
  • Cures in 2-3 hours at room temperature.
  • Use on Paint, Plastic, Aluminum, Chrome, Rubber
  • 120-degree bead angle.
  • 500-700nm Thickness.

Alpha Guard Graphene

Alpha Guard is a new product launched in 2020.
Just like other maintenance coats, it can be used on its own or as a maintenance coat.

This is a spray and buff type coating with outstanding performance.
The Alpha Coat Graphene has a combination of :

ease of use, gloss, and 9H Scratch Resistance to ensure your car or bike not only looks good but is protected.

Please note that Alpha Guard Grapehen is NOT applied by applicator block and is sprayed directly onto the car paintwork and buffed off.

We recommend that the proper wash and preparation prior to application, to ensure that the ceramic has a clean surface to bond to – unless the Car has already been ceramic coated and you are topping up.

Melbourne Professional and premium Ceramic Coating

Quality Guaranteed

-    Product Automotive Specified Products
-    Shows fantastic hydrophobicity on all automotive surfaces
-    9H & 10H certified by SGS-    Moisture reactive coatings for quick initial cure
-    Great gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance.
-    Amazing durability
-    Great usability

Certified 9H and 10H

9H&10H Tested and Certified

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