9H Certified : Aqua Coat Plus

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  • 4-5 hour air-dried patented technology
  • Up to 3 Year Durability

  • 9H Hardness

  • Enthusiast / Professional coating

  • Easy application

  • 30 mL bottle

Aqua Coat Plus is an enthusiast / Professional 9H Ceramic Coating.

With patented Air Dry technology that has a 4-5 hour drying time(room temperature), 1 hour under infrared lights.

It is recommended for anyone, whether a keen enthusiast or a professional detailer or valeter.

Cost effective 30ml bottle it has a unique slickness never before experienced in a DIY coating.

This incredible ceramic coating has to be seen and used to be believed. It is one of the very best single layer coatings available on the market today.

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    Melbourne Professional and premium Ceramic Coating

    Quality Guaranteed

    -    Product Automotive Specified Products
    -    Shows fantastic hydrophobicity on all automotive surfaces
    -    9H & 10H certified by SGS-    Moisture reactive coatings for quick initial cure
    -    Great gloss, scratch resistance, chemical resistance.
    -    Amazing durability
    -    Great usability

    Certified 9H and 10H

    9H&10H Tested and Certified

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